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Enabling access to basic services, healthcare, education and livelihoods, empowering them to help themselves and ensuring provision of civic entitlements through advocacy with the government.



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Kathmandu , Nepal
T4DNepal is a youth led organization working on empowering the underprivileged section of our society.
"T4DNepal envisions fostering the development of a happy, healthy, and sustainable society in which every individual has an equal opportunity for growth and a life of dignity."
Empowered People – Sustainable Communities

T4DNepal's Values


Always being curious, having the ability to understand another’s perspective and reserving judgement.


Taking values-driven decisions, to do the right thing in T4Dnepal’s best interest, with alignment of thought, word and action.


We use the constitution’s values as guiding principles in our work to ensure we address all societal issues and populations from an intersectional, just and fair lens


Create a psychologically safe environment, comprising of staff that reflects our communities. Implementing inclusive practices with equitable access to resources for all

What We Do? / 01

T4DNepal helps young people develop their infinite potential and energy for their own development and prosperity, making them harbingers of positive social change, as young people are the backbone of society.

What We Do? / 02

Youth empowerment gives youths the opportunity and access to develop their abilities, which their leaders and representatives do in any social field.

What We Do? / 03

T4DNepal has a wide network of IT experts spread across seven provinces in our country. These experts are from a variety of professional backgrounds and are affiliated with the local government.

About T4DNepal

Research. Analysis. Publication.

Rapid advancements in digital technologies have transformed the landscape of developmental interventions and policies. Digitization can reduce transaction costs, increase efficiency, and improve labor productivity. It also promotes social and economic inclusion, and its benefits go beyond pure economic returns. E-governance has been adopted as a mantra to improve public service delivery. However, with vast swathes of the population still not digitized, challenges remain. Our focus is to understand how technology is being used and can be used to overcome developmental challenges. What are the barriers to adoption? How do individuals and institutions relate to technology, and how does adoption change their lives and behavior?

Our Vision

Envisions fostering the development of a happy, healthy, and sustainable society in which every individual has an equal opportunity for growth and a life of dignity.

Let the Numbers Speak
Our Mission

T4DNepal is a youth-led futuristic organization committed to empowering the economically underprivileged by empowering them through encouragement, education, and employment.

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